Monthly Archive: March, 2018

“Surveying Central British Columbia”

. ..and taking excellent photos and detailed notes.

Hibben’s dictionary will help BC legislators

This was already an old chestnut by 1870!

“☞ y” man

(I meant to post this on Feb. 14th of course. Oops!) The Native “Chinook Writers” of British Columbia wrote as they spoke, charmingly. I now take you to Oregon for a seasonally relevant… Continue reading

Highass close scucum Boston man

In Idaho’s history, you have to look either mighty early or mighty late to scare up any Chinuk Wawa.

A discovery? The etymology of “bigfoot”

“Bigfoot”, as a synonym for the Salish-derived sasquatch or the Chinuk Wawa-derived stick Indian, had its first known use in 1958, says Merriam-Webster.

More of Fred Mock’s mock Jargon

Yesterday I wrote a little about Fred G. Mock and his fictional Chinuk Wawa, which is about all the documentation of the language that you’ll find for Idaho south of the border-straddling Kootenai… Continue reading

Idaho’s fictional Chinuk Wawa

A Romance of the Sawtooth is a novel of Idaho authored by Ogal Alla, a pseudonym for F[red] G. Mock (1861-1956).

“Ickerman, chickerman”: an old PNW kids’ rhyme?

A possible find of enormous interest. But cross-reference with “doggerel”!

Early Chinuk Wawa loans into English

Today we find that by 1850, people already were using Chinook Jargon words in local English without having to explain themselves…

Other Conundrums…Henry Tsang’s “Utter Jargon”

A site-specific Chinuk Wawa public art piece, Kamloops, 1993.