Hibben’s dictionary will help BC legislators

CJ dict helps BC legislators-page-002

This was already an old chestnut by 1870!

Jokes equating “Chinook Jargon” with the “jargon” (bullshit) of politicians. We saw one from early Idaho Territory in this space the other day. Today it’s British Columbia’s turn.

NEW LITERATURE RECEIVED.–  We have received from Messrs. T. N. Hibben & Co., Victoria, a copy of a new and copious Chinook Dictionary, with exemplifications, which we recommend to the notice of such of our readers as have the misfortune not to be already proficient in that useful and euphonious language. The cover stated that the work was for sale by Mr W. Davison, of Barkerville, but that gentleman has not yet received any copies. We presume that the present work has been specially issued in anticipation of the requirements of the honorable members of the Legislative Council at its ensuing session.

— from the Barkerville (BC) Cariboo Sentinel of December 24, 1870, page 2, column 1