Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Trophy hunter meets Klootchman, a story of initiative

The excellent little North Columbia Monthly newspaper has a column “North of the Border” by Eileen Delehanty Pearkes. Each month, she explores Sinixt (Lakes) Salish people’s relationship with their environment. For July 2013, Pearkes focuses… Continue reading

Townsend’s narrative: Bird Chief and the Indian dogs

J.K. Townsend.  1839.  Narrative of a journey across the Rocky Mountains, to the Columbia River…  Philadelphia: Henry Perkins. At least in the Chinook Jargon world, this book by an influential naturalist is an… Continue reading

Two Dianas in Alaska, denigrating Salish women

Two Dianas in Alaska. By Agnes Herbert and A. Shikari (pseudonym). London : John Lane, The Bodley Head / New York : John Lane Company. MCMIX. These snide English ladies (one a member… Continue reading

Jargon watch and bricks

WordPress offered to automatically proofread this blog for “jargon”. Thank you, WordPress, you’re a brick! Wish I could set it to automatically scan for bricks!  

A history of central Washington that relies on, but ignores, a Salish chief

This blog post is fondly dedicated to the memory of M. Dale Kinkade. Hull, Lindley M.  1929.  A history of central Washington: Including the famous Wenatchee, Entiat, Chelan and the Columbia Valleys/ With… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon realia II

Chinook Jargon realia II, from my archive: A bar of soap for tourists visiting British Columbia.  The front tells you “Kla-How-Ya” / “Hello”.  On the back, “Beautiful British Columbia / Canada’s Vacationland”. What’s… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon realia I

Chinook Jargon realia I, shown twice life size: A Chinuk Wawa ribbon from my archive with the text on front, WASHINGTON Quanisum pechugh illahee, tenas alta,  delate hyas kloshe, alki.  Kloshe nanitch. And… Continue reading

William E. Myers, where are you now?

Or, since I’d rather not disturb the dead, and you were one of several on Edward Curtis‘s crew, where are the “North American Indian” field notes and sound recordings from the early 1900s?… Continue reading

Superb reading: Friends of MacDonald blog

“Friends of MacDonald: Celebrating the Life of Japan’s First English Teacher” is an absolutely superb blog in Japanese and English devoted to Ranald MacDonald’s legacy. It’s beautifully designed and really well written. A… Continue reading