Monthly Archive: May, 2023

1905, BC: Bridge River paper salmon

Naika wawa mirsi kopa Alex Code, for a splendid little discovery.

“Faire briller”: The case for a Métis source of the mamuk-/munk- Causative

Have I never before pointed out the possibility that Chinuk Wawa’s mamuk- verb inflection (which is munk- in the southern dialect — I’ve usually called it the “Causative”– might be due to to Métis/Canadian French… Continue reading

Ikta Dale McCreery yaka t’ɬap (Part 1)

This mini-series is meant to highlight the fascinating stuff my BC Michif friend & colleague Dale McCreery finds and shares from the people meets in the Bella Coola area.

‘Islands’ in southern and northern CW

No dialect is an island!

1897 reminiscence: “The Chehalis River Indian Treaty” that never happened

It’s a mistake to refer to “The Chehalis River Indian Treaty” of 1855, because no such treaty was ever agreed on or signed.

AF Chamberlain’s field notes of Chinuk Wawa from SE British Columbia (Part 1)

hayu masi to my BC friend and colleague, Dale McCreery, for finding this precious resource of northern-dialect Chinuk Wawa and sharing it. It richly rewards a closer look!

1924: Some Métis words in Kamloops Chinuk Wawa

JMR Le Jeune, the person who introduced the popular Chinuk Pipa writing in southern British Columbia, published “Chinook Rudiments” to give us an introduction to the language.

1904: Senator Ankeny introduces Native people to the President

Here’s the dramatic conclusion to our 3-part sequence about Levi Ankeny (1844-1921, pioneer of 1850).

1903: Ankeny Chinook saga continued

Second in our three-part sequence about this Settler’s rise to fame…

1896: Levi Ankeny and Chinook

One old Settler got a lot of attention for being able to speak Chinuk Wawa…