1904: Senator Ankeny introduces Native people to the President

Here’s the dramatic conclusion to our 3-part sequence about Levi Ankeny (1844-1921, pioneer of 1850).


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Here, we add to our files on Chinook Jargon being spoken in the presence of US Presidents!

Maybe Ankeny knew some Ichishkíin Sahaptin, but he was renowned for speaking Chinuk Wawa, so I figure that’s what the following is telling us about:

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OUR Washington correspondent (whose letter is crowded out this week) writes that Senator [Levi] Ankeny used the Yakima dialect, in introducing some Indians to the President. In the East any old thing goes, and klonas yaka wawa delate Chinook copa okoke hyas skookum tyee.

— from the Olympia (WA) Washington Standard of February 19, 1904, page 2, column 6

Klonas yaka wawa delate Chinook copa okoke hyas skookum tyee
t’ɬúnas yaka wáwa dlét chinúk kʰupa úkuk hayas-skúkum táyí
maybe he talked straight Chinook to that powerful leader.

This President was Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, who we have previously shown was a speaker of Chinook Jargon. Maybe folks widely assumed Teddy and Levi would chat in that language.

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
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