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1906: For presentation to Teddy Roosevelt

In a previous post, I reported that US President Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinook.

1888: Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinuk Wawa! In the Kootenays!

For real? Yet another US bigwig involved with Jargon?!

1904: Senator Ankeny introduces Native people to the President

Here’s the dramatic conclusion to our 3-part sequence about Levi Ankeny (1844-1921, pioneer of 1850).

1910: Welcomed Folk in Chinook

Are you familiar with the North American tradition of “Chautauqua”?

1897: Owen Wister Xmas story w/doggerel

“It is Christmas Day on the cattle ranch at the Malheur agency…” So starts Part IV of a serially published piece of post-frontier cowboy fiction by the renowned Owen Wister.

1912: Chinook address to HRH the Duke of Connaught

Thanks to Alex Code for pointing out this fun piece. [FYI: this article took me an entire day to write.]

1901: Moose Hall invitation + unique Valdez, AK Jargon

Mockery of the northwesternmost Natives to speak Chinuk Wawa is still evidence of how they spoke it!

1903: “Annals of Old Angeline” memorial poem

Kikisoblu, a.k.a. Angeline (circa 1820-1896), oldest daughter of Duwamish Chief siʔaɬ, was a landmark of early Seattle.

Continuity: A deeper analysis of Alexander Ross’s early CW vocabulary

Here’s another early Chinook Jargon vocabulary that deserves further examination, from which we learn quite a lot.

Nipo T. Strongheart, Hollywood Indian adviser

Nipo T. Strongheart (1894-1966) deserves an article of his own on this website.