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Mencken on Chinook Jargon’s influence

H.L. Mencken‘s famous 1945 book on “The American Language” (Supplement 1) gets into the subject of Chinook Jargon’s influence on our English, on pages 310-311. I hear a wisely skeptical voice in his… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon realia II

Chinook Jargon realia II, from my archive: A bar of soap for tourists visiting British Columbia.  The front tells you “Kla-How-Ya” / “Hello”.  On the back, “Beautiful British Columbia / Canada’s Vacationland”. What’s… Continue reading

Cruisings in the Cascades

Looking through an antiquarian bookseller’s website, I spied a neat-sounding book that was new to me. They wanted a shocking price, but Google Books had it as a free ebook 🙂 Turns out… Continue reading