Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Potlatch lamala, at White Bluffs on the Columbia, really?

In the Nakusp (BC) Ledge, September 12, 1895, a leisurely installment of “Odd Talks with Old-Timers” hears out an unnamed Cariboo pioneer, possibly the newspaper’s editor.  This old codger of a first-person narrator recalls… Continue reading

Indians said to be sullex!

And other sarcasm!  This many-tiered headline is a fine parody of its own times!  And I quote! Complete with snarky Chinuk Wawa borrowings! Tremendous gold excitement! in Portland!! The ‘Times’ out with Two… Continue reading

What engineers must know in British Columbia

Chinuk Wawa shows up in a funny place: American Machinist magazine.  (February 2, 1884, page 3.)  In the middle of a serious discussion of Root’s new boiler design, they throw in some lighter-weight filler.  “What… Continue reading

Covered Wagon Women

The letter of Anna Maria King, Luckiamute Valley, Oregon, April 1, 1846: [page 44:] The Indians appear to be very friendly, like to have the Bostons come, as they call them.   Tabitha Brown (1780-1858, co-founder… Continue reading

Jargon “horse” in a Southern Cal. Native language?

Why would the Chinook Jargon word for “horse” turn up quite early in Southern California? Horatio Hale’s 1846 “Ethnography” volume of the US Exploring Expedition, page 566, has “keutan” for horse in the Netela/Kij… Continue reading