Indians said to be sullex!

And other sarcasm!  This many-tiered headline is a fine parody of its own times!  And I quote! Complete with snarky Chinuk Wawa borrowings!

Indians said to be sullexTremendous gold excitement!

in Portland!!

The ‘Times’ out with Two Stirring


Everybody Going–Going–Gone to

the Mines!

Excepting Those Who Stay at Home!

A.V. Wilson, Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Mes-

senger, Kilapied!–Highly Uninteresting

News from Fort Colville!–No News

from the Mines!–Indians said to be

Sullex!–Water thought to be all over

the River-bars!–Dry diggings, per-

haps Overflowed, and perhaps can’t be

Worked till the Rain Sets In!–Will

Probably be ascertained when the Dig-

gings are Discovered!–Probably Good

Mining Somewhere, East of this!–

☞ Nobody Advised either to Go or Stay

at Home!!!

This gem is found in the August 4, 1855 Oregon City Oregon Argus, page 3.

The obligatory notes on its Chinuk Wawa: “kilapied” is k’ilapay (killapie) ‘to return’ used in an English past-tense form.  “Sullex” is saliks (sollecks) ‘angry’.

File under humor!

sullexFYI, googling “kilapied” returns an image from the Vancouver (BC) World of July 25, 1898…I’d like to have a closer look at that page, but it’s behind a paywall.  Not findable at UBC’s historic-newspapers site.