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C.C. McCoy recalls Fraser River Indigenous reaction to first steamboat

Christopher Columbus McCoy (1836-1905) accidentally arrived in British Columbia at the moment the Fraser River gold rush began…

Vintage Canuck political humour

Untranslated Chinook Jargon in your local paper…

Indian game of sing-gamble

Today’s article: a snapshot of Chinook Jargon as used in the life of post-frontier “Shokomish” (Skokomish) Indians. 

More proof that Settlers confused “hiyu” with “hias”

At least in “up Island” BC.

The first person to connect Chinook and shorthand

This is almost uncanny.

“Hyu Muck-a-muck” as an insult?

The simplest fact about the expression “high muckymuck” in English is, it’s got a complicated history.

De-romanticizing the so-called “Annawillee’s Lament”

Scioness of the pioneers of Seattle, Eva Emery Dye, wrote as if she were personally familiar with this uncredited early hit song…

De Québec à Victoria

The writer of the original lyrics to “O Canada” (they were in French!) witnesses BC intertribal protocols conducted in Chinook Jargon…

Hines, Voyage around the world

Rev. Gustavus Hines, in his “Voyage around the World” (Buffalo, NY: George H. Derby and Co., 1850), is at pains to inform his readers that he’s editing out all “jargons”, starting with the… Continue reading

Olally prospects

Chinuk Wawa personal names! And a cool ethnobotany trick!