Chinook Jargon prayer

People are looking for this kind of thing online……so here’s a Chinook Jargon prayer.Chinook Manual -- Chinook prayer -- offering of the day

It’s the “Offering of the Day”.

<Offering of the day.>

Naika wawa mirsi kopa maika, S[ahali] T[aii] kopa
I say thank to you, sky chief(,) for 
I say thanks to you, God, for 

ukuk maika patlach ukuk son kopa naika
this you give this day to me 
what you give today to me 

pus naika chako tlus pi naika tolo
so.that I become good and I win 
so that I become good and I reach 

sahali ilihi. Naika patlach maika
sky place. I give you 
the heavenly place. I give you 

kanawi ikta naika mamuk ukuk son,
all thing I do this day, 
everything I do today, 

pus piii kanawi ikta masachi naika
so.that pay all thing evil I 
to pay for everything bad that I 

mamuk, kakwa iaka tomtom Sh[isyu] K[ri].
do, as he think Jesus Christ.
do, as Jesus intended. 

Wik naika tiki kuli kopa masachi
Not I want travel to evil
I don’t want to wander into bad things 

ukuk son. Drit alki naika tlus
this day. Really FUTURE I well 
today. Really I will take good 

nanich naika tomtom, pus kah naika
watch my heart, if where I 
care of my heart, if anywhere I 

nanich masachi, aiak naika kwash
see evil, quickly I fear 
see a bad thing, I will immediately be afraid 

kopa iaka, aiak naika mamuk saia naika
to it, quickly I make far my 
of it, I will immediately get my 

heart away (from it). 

Naika tiki tolo ukuk son kanawi
I want win this day all 
I want to earn today every 

indyulshins lipap iaka patlach pus hilp
indulgence pope he give help  
indulgence that the pope gives to help 

naika lapilitas.
me do.penance. 
me do penance. 

[right column]

O tlus Mari, tlus maika iskom naika
Oh good Mary, good you accept my 
O good Mary, please accept my 

styuil, pi ukuk indyulshins alki naika
prayer, and those indulgence FUTURE I 
prayer, and the indulgences that I will 

tolo: tlus maika patlach kopa mimlus
earn: good you give to dead 
earn: please allow to the dead 

tilikom mitlait kopa pyurgatori, pus iaka chako
people exist in Purgatory, so.that it become 
folks in Purgatory, that it comes 

kopit klaska lapilitas.
finished their penance. 
to an end, their penance. 


— from the Chinook Manual (1896) by J.M.R. Le Jeune, page 45.

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