Dude, where’s my trough dish?

I notice a couple more bits of possible “hidden” Chinook Jargon in southwestern Washington Salish.


  • ta’nasloɬ, ta nasloɬ  “trough dish”  (Upper Chehalis)
    The -loɬ is a lexical suffix meaning “dish”.  What do you think the tanas is? 🙂  I take a trough dish to be a long narrow serving dish carved of wood or maybe horn, though I couldn’t find an image of one quickly online.
  • ká·(n)  “where”  (Cowlitz)
    Some other Salish dialects of the Olympic Peninsula have changed the original “k” of this word to “č” (ch).  But there are indications that at the time of contact with Europeans–and the formation of Chinook Jargon, as far as we know–they were still pronouncing it with a “k”.  We know the Chinookan word for “where” is “qa“, but this Salish form could’ve reinforced the use of that in CJ.