Monthly Archive: April, 2020

How did it come to happen that ‘happen’ came from ‘come’?

Do you know how to say ‘happen’ in Chinuk Wawa?

tʰíl & ‘hard times’

Father Lionnet’s 1853 dictionary gloss of Jargon tʰil as French dur got me thinking…

A Salish etymology for ‘aphrodisiac’

A word you might like to know in Chinuk Wawa is płə́x̣ ‘medicine, aphrodisiac’.


In honor of the Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI) and all of the good work it’s done for Chinuk Wawa, let me talk about -ni/-li 🙂

Is berdache a naughty Canadian word?

George Gibbs’s 1863 dictionary tells us that < bur-dash > is a Chinuk Wawa word….

Not all Chinuk Wawa adverbs are created equal

  Proceeding from my post on Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett’s “Last Rose of Summer” translation…

I’m cuckoo for ko-ko!

Shimmy shimmy ko-ko pop! Fun fun thoughts about reduplication today.

Digging into púlali

The origins of Chinuk Wawa púlali ‘dust; powder’ have been argued over for quite some time.

Stress on French words in Jargon

Word stress in Chinuk Wawa is pretty predictable…with a big exception.