Stoves! Another Chinook ad

From the Education & Entertainment Department:

A Chinuk Wawa ad for stoves & equipment.

It advises readers to write to McLennan & McFeely in Vancouver, as usual specifying how to write their address not in shorthand.  🙂

I would give my eye teeth to go through the files of the companies that advertised in Jargon shorthand in Kamloops Wawa — any letters they received in response would be gold.

Well, here you go:

McLennan and McFeely (2)



Pus msaika tiki stov, kuk stov, wam stov, pus msaika
If you folks need a stove, cook stove, heating stove, if you 

tiki stov paip, ilbo, pus msaika tiki kitl, ti pot, aias
need stove pipes, elbows, if you need kettles, teapots, big 

lipot, tanas lipot, kanawi ikta lipot, pus msaika tiki nils[,]
pots, little pots, any kind of pots, if you need nails, 

hamir, so, lahas, kanawi ikta tuls, msaika tlap
hammers, saws, axes, any kind of tools, you’ll find 

kanawi ukuk ko[pa] Mak Linan pi Mak Fili klaska makuk haws kopa
all of these at McLennan & McFeely’s store in 

Vankuvir.  Klaska nim kakwa kopa pipa
Vancouver.  Their name is like this in writing: 




Happy Throwback Thursday!

PS: Here is a link to the stoves section of McLennan and McFeely’s 1908-1914 catalog.