Amusing, with a donkey

Yay, more donkeys!

Sometimes in his Kamloops Wawa newspaper, Father Le Jeune would try to teach people who knew “Chinuk pipa” shorthand some English.

Like any teacher, L.J. gave some lessons that we have to admit were boring and not too successful.

But have a gander at this fun one!  If I transcribe the shorthand, can you make out what the English says?

Order of pictures:

1 2 3
4 5 6

  1. Litl Iso wanc tu stil som apils … 

  2. Git awt of thir yu litl raskal! … 

  3. Ail mik yu kyuit [SIC] at wans 

  4. Not məch [?] sis t boi … 

  5. Ai got t bist of yu … 

  6. And yu wont kach mi.

— Kamloops Wawa #139 (April 1896), page 94