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Ugh! So these 2 white women decide to write fiction about Indians…

This is just a short note about a literary use of Chinook Jargon.

Chief Kettle, donated labor, and the “la-lode”

The predictions of Linguistic Archaeology are confirmed!

ASSAULT: Full Moon gives evidence in Chinook

And here’s another example of Chinese immigrants probably speaking Chinuk Wawa with Indigenous people.

[kl] = /q/?

Here, very briefly, is another reader crowdsourcing challenge.

Tenino need not be ticklish…because it didn’t exist!

I’m trying to tease this out.

Treaties, Chinook Jargon, and “The Advent of the Whites in Quileute Land”

Oral history: the things your elders tell you and you tell to the younger generations.

“toque” in Mississippi Valley French, eh?

Also in the list of North American French-isms that became Chinook Jargon: “toque”.

Chinook Jargon ‘dog’ < Chinookan 'nipples' < Lower Chehalis Salish

The received wisdom tells us that our Chinuk Wawa for ‘dog’ — kʰámuksh — is an old Lower Chinookan word.

Montana CPE

For the latest installment in our occasional series on Chinese Pidgin English of the West Coast, let’s go to the mining boomtown of Helena, in Montana Territory.

Lexical Acculturation in Siletz Dee-ni (& Chinuk Wawa)

Linguist Jen Johnson wrote an interesting paper looking at “Lexical Acculturation in Siletz Dee-ni” (Swarthmore College, 2012).