So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 63

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[…] Hlawt ilihi, klaska wiht skukum pus iskom
[…] Hallout village, can also be counted on to take

mokst tatilam pipa; Shushwap tilikom, kopa
twenty copies; the Shuswap people, among

taii Adam iaka tanas, klaska wiht skukum
chief Adam’s children, are also reliable

pus iskom mokst tatilam pipa; Shushwap
to take twenty copies; the Shuswap

tilikom kopa Kwawt ilihi, klaska tlus kopa iht
people at Quaaout village are good for

iht tatilam pipa; Nort Tomson tilikom, klaska
ten copies here and there; the North Thompson people

skukum pus iskom mokst tatilam pipa;
can be relied on to take twenty copies;

Skishistin tilikom, klaska skukum pus
the Skeetchestn people can be counted on to

iskom tatilam pipa; kopa Nikola, Duglas
take ten copies; at Nicola the Douglas

Lik pi Nikola Lik tilikom, klaska tlus pus
Lake and Nicola Lake people are good to

iskom mokst tatilam pipa.
take twenty copies.

     Tlus alta hloima ilihi tilikom mamuk
     Now let the people of the other villages

tomtom kansih pipa klaska tiki tlap kopa iht
decide how many copies they want to get in each

ilihi, pi kansih pipa kopa iht ilihi.
place, and how many copies in other places.


     Naika wiht alta tlap oihat pus mamuk
     I’ve also now found a way to make

styuil pipa, aias kakwa ukuk pipa: pus
prayer books the size of this paper;

kata msaika tomtom kopa ukuk. Naika
what do you folks think about that? I

komtaks, ayu tilikom ankati tlap sik tomtom […]
know a lot of people used to get mad […]