1893-1897: Sweet “BetseyAnnSpikes” :) (Part 2 of 7)

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CW keeps ‘wanting’ to ‘try’ ‘to do it in order to’

From earliest times, the “Jargon” has a track record of trying.

Red Men Greet Their Big Chiefs

The Red Men were a Settler fraternal organization that we’ve seen was quite attached to the “Jargon”…


Working my way through the Chinook Book of Devotions (1902) from British Columbia, I notice several ways of expressing ‘can; able’.


If you’ve looked at a lot of Chinook Jargon vocabularies, you’ve seen the early CW < tilikum-mama > ‘father’…

Tl’ap- ‘wind up doing, manage to do’ is old in CW

Many or most occurrences of t’łáp ‘to catch, to get, to receive’ in Chinuk Wawa clearly indicate someone intending — and working hard — to get hold of a physical object.

kíkwəli pi Sproat

Gilbert Malcolm Sproat’s 1868 book “Scenes and Studies…” implies a unique etymology for a common Chinuk Wawa word…

1893-1897: Sweet “BetseyAnnSpikes” :) (Part 1 of 7)

American newspapers in the late 1800s loved to publish letters from people living at the fringes of their circulation area, as a way of getting news for free.

“Why the alahs are sticky”

Thanks again to my reader Jim Mattila, this time for sending along a scan of a neat old newspaper article involving Lushootseed speakers and Chinuk Wawa.

Some arguments about CW never go away!

You’ve previously seen a 1910 letter to the editor of a Medford (OR) newspaper about this…