A tongue-tied etymology for ‘Cowlitz’

A number of claims have been advanced, doubtless based on the most authoritative information then available, about the literal meaning of the tribe-and-language name “Cowlitz”.

Kamloops Wawa humour (Part 1)

Jokes, fun quips, recreative wordplay: the classic Chinuk Wawa newspaper Kamloops Wawa had plenty of humour.

A 2nd Kamloops Native WW1 letter from the front in Chinook

A letter from the Front, which the evidence suggests was written in Chinuk Pipa, from the Secwépemc soldier Auguste J. Jules, reproduced in French translation.

Clarifying the etymology of mət’ɬáxwəs

There’s a Chinuk Wawa word for ‘eye matter’ in the 2012 Grand Ronde Tribes dictionary, which is so easy to order & so useful, you’d better pause now and get one sent to… Continue reading

What if…pʰishák is an ancestor of masháchi?

Thanks to re-reading FW Howay’s classic article “Origin of the Chinook Jargon“, I had a thought 🙂

“Making” “use” of Jargon’s resources

As usual, first southern Chinuk Wawa had a vaguer expression, then northern CW got a preciser one.

Continuity: A deeper analysis of Alexander Ross’s early CW vocabulary

Here’s another early Chinook Jargon vocabulary that deserves further examination, from which we learn quite a lot.

A deeper analysis of Franchère’s 1820 CW vocabulary, + an early French loan discovered

Quite interesting stuff, even on our umpteenth rereading of it!

What missionary CW “Simo” (Simon) tells us about Native people’s names

How do you say “Simon” in French?

McArthur’s “Oregon Geographic Names” (part 6 of 8) … “Rickreall” solved?

More exercise for your French skills…