Traces of Chinuk Wawa in Siuslaw

I’ve tracked down very little material in the Siuslaw language of the Oregon coast.

What “tum-tum” sounds like to English-speakers

I always wondered what “rooty-toot-toots and rummy-tum=tums” are…

1884 Sacramento CPE: Ah Sing’s problem

Historical cycles mutate how we interpret the written evidence of our past.

Mid-1880s: A Red River & Grand Ronde Métis signer of a letter in Chinuk Wawa

Previously, thanks to the kind help of Dr. Henry Zenk (Grand Ronde Tribes), we’ve seen a petition in Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa for the sainthood of the Indigenous woman Kateri Tekakwitha, sent in… Continue reading

The French accent in “hlwima”

In the Chinuk Pipa alphabet of BC, they write < hlwima > for ‘strange; other’.

1891 [1887]: Cultus Jim of Chelan, Washington, speaks about rights

Joseph M. Snow (1850-1929), an immigrant of 1869, had a good memory for fluently spoken Chinuk Wawa, from his experiences with Native people in connection with the important question of land rights.

Tsilhqot’in CJ-English mix: A historian’s view

This is some valuable thinking from a colleague of mine.

1924: More info about the “Kanaweesan” Tsimshian CW love song?

Listen to a singer 100 years ago…and tell me if this is the famous “kʰánawi sán” song…

1883, Goldendale WA: From the faithful Lucy (a drag queen)

How is today’s writer like sweet Betseyannspikes?

1948: BC oldtimers who speak Chinook: Names are named!

This mid-century local colour piece managed to draw a number of surviving Chinuk Wawa speakers out of the woodwork.