Indian Harry: Invite hiyu Boston cloochmen to my execution

Poor translation, but by whom? Advertisements

Ugh: “Rebounding Vengeance”

So I’d say this piece of fictional Chinook was composed by someone who had some exposure to Jargon, although according to the Preface, she was born in Hastings, Ontario, Canada, and only reached… Continue reading

Memaloose Illahees & “dead houses”

[Edited to add a possible Salish source for this phrase — see at the end of this article.] Indigenous people and Settlers always knew that míməlust-íliʔi (míməlus-ílihi, etc.) is an old Chinuk Wawa phrase.

Two Barks Wrecked: a skookum doggerel obituary

What do you think this dog’s name meant to its owner?

How do you say ‘too much’?

How do you say ‘too much’ — or ‘too’ anything — in Chinook Jargon?

Mrs. Jamie Boston Bar writes to the editor

An early female Indigenous-written letter in Chinuk Pipa (Chinook Writing) from British Columbia’s southern interior asks to know more about this Christian stuff…

California CPE: Chinese cyclist bumps one (or “blumps” one?)

Three things I like very well — local news reporting, Chinese-food delivery and pidgin languages — collide…

Voyageur French things that made me think of Chinuk Wawa, and think again

James Robert Anderson (1841-1930; son of Chinuk Wawa speaker and HBC official Alexander Caulfield Anderson) told of leaving Fort Alexandria, BC, as a kid in 1848, mentioning the kind of French he grew… Continue reading

Again, mixed Chinook-English in central BC’s late frontier

A Klondike gold rusher, and later a Pulitzer Prize recipient, today’s author is an attention-getter.

Another ad in Chinook Jargon, 1902! And its connection with “Klondyke”…

Notice the differences in wording between the Chinuk Pipa Chinuk Wawa & the English wording in a BC advertisement…