1828: Jedediah Smith, Harrison Rogers, and SW Oregon as a suburb of Ft Vancouver

Jedediah Strong Smith (1799-1831) and pals were the first US folks to reach the Oregon Country from California.

JP Harrington’s letters in Grand Ronde-ish Chinuk Wawa (part 2 of 2)

The legendary linguist of Native American languages, John Peabody Harrington (1884-1961), worked with quite a number of Chinook Jargon speakers, and documented some great stuff from them.

tíntin ‘bell’ isn’t *just* onomatopoeic

Everyone seems to sing the same tune, that tíntin is an onomatopoeia, but does that really “count” as an etymology?

Didactic dialogues in dictionaries of Chinuk Wawa (Part 2: H Hale)

The second installment in our mini-series on instructional sentences of Jargon has an especially great importance…

Métis/Canadian French and Indigenous customs of tobacco-smoking

The published collection of “Kalapuya Texts” contains, as text #29, a description of aboriginal customs around tobacco use.

1852: Acrolectal California CPE

I think there are typographical errors in this quotation…

More of Fred Mock’s Idaho Chinook Jargon

Many thanks to reader Jeff Wade of Idahistory Tours for this one!

Native people’s voices in “Kamloops Wawa” (Part 2: silent “IT” in an ad)

A entrepreneurial man writes from a Nɬeʔképmx village to offer salmon for sale…

JP Harrington’s letters in Grand Ronde-ish Chinuk Wawa (part 1 of 2)

Just a 2-part miniseries on the CW of renowned linguistic researcher JP Harrington.

Circa 1852: A “Pioneer Experience” to back-translate

This happened on an Oregon Settler homestead claim near Cape Horn, below the Cascades of the Columbia River.