1914: LBDB’s “Chinook-English Songs”, part 2 of 15 “Nika Wake Shunta Ole Sante”

Being a longtime partisan of Chinook Jargon, it pains me to confess that the Chinooking of today’s song made it much worse than the touching original!

My attempt at a Siletz etymology for t’ísáy ‘stick game’

A word that I first learned from the wonderful 2012 Grand Ronde Tribes dictionary of Chinuk Wawa is t’isay ‘the many-stick gambling game; the bundle of sticks used in playing the many-stick game’.

Cayuse language implications for Chinuk Wawa?

The Molala (or “Molalla”, “Molale”, “Pole Alley” etc.) language too, maybe.

1858: Confirmed BC Métis French in the Cariboo

A remembered secondhand recollection of the Cariboo gold rush, from a man who became a Settler, confirms the presence of BC Métis French by a different name.

Lewis + Clark were real chiefs, Settlers are “but tilikum”

A fine little master class in the traditional distinction between táyí & tílixam…

1914: Hyiu Siwash Kopa Chahko Mika, a letter

True to form, post-frontier Settler Chinook Jargon that fits into the genre of CJ invitations and challenges.

1913: Alternate take (with joke)

Sometimes we get multiple reports of a single historical occurrence.

1864: Exploring for gold in Skwxwú7mesh country

Gold prospecting depended heavily on Indigenous permission, cooperation, and labour.

Métis place names around the Pacific NW

Many, many place names north of Louisiana, and from the Missouri River westward, are Métis whether you realize that they were originally French or not.

1897: UW cheer

The Seattle Times recently ran an article on the history of Denny Hall at the University of Washington.