The strange case of malyí

Wouldn’t you just know that Chinuk Wawa would take its word for ‘marry’ from Canadian French…

ca. 1880: Grand Ronde discovery: Schoolkids’ letter in Chinuk Wawa (Henry Zenk guest post)

Today’s post was kindly contributed by Henry Zenk (Grand Ronde Tribes language program)…

húyhuy ‘trade’ as a Canadian French word

A word you wouldn’t think of as French…

French-C.W. domestic animals without articles: A modest proposal

On the subject of which French-Canadian words came into Chinuk Wawa with & without definite articles le/la/les…

ísik-stík is ash, not elm, and it’s creole CW

Just to clarify something an old admired source once wrote:

Myron Eells speaks, Part 3 of 3

Reverend Eells checks in again, and the news is that he’s used Chinuk Wawa as a bridge…

1901: Martha Douglas Harris’s “Chee-chee-ka” (Part 4)

Today we conclude our look into a fascinating Jargon story from one of “Father of BC” James Douglas’s human children.

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 4)

WHAT CAN WASH AWAY MY STAIN. 1 Ikta kumtux mash siah íkta kə́mtəks másh sayá [1] what know throw far ‘What knows how to throw away’ Konaway nesika masat-chie, kʰánawi nsáyka masáchi, [2]… Continue reading

How many commandments is this, total? :) (10 Commandments, Part 3)

Dr. Willis E. Everette, M.D.’s 1895 translation is the longest, quirkiest, and most full of s*** in this mini-series.

1885 Sacramento CPE: The glorious uncertainty

Two tie-ins to Chinuk Wawa here…