Alkali Lake letters

From far northern Secwepemc territory, the winter’s sad tidings… Advertisements

Maxime George and a couple of pidgins

Maxime George (1891-?) was a Dakelh chief in the Cariboo region of British Columbia.

Our Indian Kin Folks in the “Eiletz”

Today’s old news clipping is short and to the point.

Nesmith is credited with further Chinook feats

While shooting down the “invented by the HBC” myth, a Portland paper breathes more life into the cliché of Chinook Jargon as a “classical language”, right up there with Latin & Greek…

Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts” (part 5: Social relations)

We’ve been looking at known Chinuk Wawa words from early Grand Ronde speakers of K’alapuya tribal affiliation…

Puget Sound frontier times: Interview with Jake Jones Jr., 1958

Snoqualmie Valley history told by a son of a pioneer…

Hidden discoveries: Extinct animals & creole-pidgin ethnozoology (Part 5)

Here’s one last example. It’s more circumstantial…

Nicola Auxime, Indian cowboy and “watchman”

Somebody who I’ve seen mentioned often in the oldtime Kamloops Wawa newspaper, and wished I could’ve met, is Nicola Auxime.

Mawich Man’s ad

Ha! What did I say? Here’s another local advertiser who “just came back from the stik“…and he has a Chinuk Wawa name!

One f***-mouthed footpad!

Holy ****! Once again, West Coast CPE (Chinese Pidgin English) is all bound up with cussin’!