‘Holler’ is the Chinuk Wawa translation of this Upper Chehalis word

In M. Dale Kinkade’s 1991 dictionary of Upper Chehalis Salish…

Chinuk Wawa filmmaker gets MacArthur “genius grant”!

A news release from Portland State University brings wonderful tidings…

1914: CM Buchanan’s speech at launch of steamer Suquamish (Part 2 of 2)

Quite a bit more Chinook here for you! (Here’s Part 1.)

1914: CM Buchanan’s speech at launch of steamer Suquamish (Part 1 of 2)

A typewritten archival document preserves a rare treat for us!

Urban housing with Chinuk Wawa names

Image credit: streetroots.org Chinuk Wawa makes more and more appearances in the present-day Pacific Northwest. Here’s a news article about an organization that runs urban housing projects in Portland named in CW, here… Continue reading

1892: “A Monograph on the Puyallup Indians”, and Métis traces

“A Plea for the Puyallups”, the subtitle, gives away the purpose of this unusual publication…

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A website recommendation from me to you…

‘Know by voice’, a SW WA Salish-ism in Chinuk Wawa

My research work on Lower Chehalis Salish (ɬəẃáĺməš), the language traditionally spoken alongside old Lower Chinookan (Natítanui), steadily turns up gems of Chinuk Wawa.

Why is the late Paul Allen’s superyacht the “Breast” in Chinook?

Sure, he was a Seattle billionaire; did he ask someone to find a Chinook Jargon word for ‘beast’?

1910: Standard’s Birthday speech

One column over from an article I’ve already shared, I find more Chinuk Wawa for your entertainment.