Some Wahkiakum County history

Some history from one of the oldest Settler communities in Washington State, now a backwater…

Eats Shoots & Leaves, Chinook Edition

One example sentence in an old Chinook Jargon dictionary made me look twice…

CW & St Joseph’s Catholic church, Kamloops

A good All Saints Day subject: there’s a really good article published last week up in Kamloops…

1893: Happy Chinook Halloween

I’ve once again managed to find a connection between Halloween and Chinuk Wawa 🙂

Losing ‘sleep’ up north

In British Columbia, the old word < moosum > (músum) ‘sleep’ fell into disfavor because of its longstanding naughty overtones…

Getting drunk with the Canucks etc.

pʰáɬlam (< patlum > in BC spelling) is a famous old Chinuk Wawa expression…

Cheechako entered English via the Klondike

Other Chinuk Wawa words entered English earlier, usually in Oregon and Washington, but “cheechako” can technically be called a Canadianism…

Patl kopa is bad, mamuk patl kopa is good

“Full of”, in Chinuk Wawa, is just plain “full”.

1905: “Silver chickimun” in Alaska

When I checked whether an 1897 German book’s “chicamin silver” was real Alaska Jargon, I got excited for a second by the article under a racist headline… Cannery, Haines, AK (image credit: Haines Sheldon… Continue reading

BC craziness

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