1873, Oregon: Indian Frank’s opinion

You can express irony in a pidgin language!

1861 California CPE: More engineering

Unnamed immigrants from China had something to say about devastating floods in California’s capital in the frontier era.

1892: nuučaan’uɬ “Indians Afraid of Smallpox”

No vaccine deniers in this bunch!

Why “Grand Round” is really really old in Oregon English

TLDR answer: Métis people!

The Journals of George M. Dawson: British Columbia, 1875-1878 (VOLUME 2)

(Here’s a link to Volume 1.) One of our really good resources on BC Chinuk Wawa — which is far and away the best-documented variety of the language — is the jottings of… Continue reading

Coming soon? “Kilisut Passage”

Various derogatory or incorrect place names have been officially replaced, in the most recent meeting of the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names.

1873: Grand Round Jargon-related humor

Are we to understand that “Frank”, “John”, and the girls are Grand Ronde Indians talking Chinuk Wawa?

“Little Lilu” early learning center to open in Scappoose, Oregon

Another ray of sunshine in the news for us Chinuk Wawa lovers!

1914: LBDB’s “Chinook-English Songs”, part 4 of 15 “Hy-iu Moo-lok Mitlite”

Unusually for Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett’s collected Chinook Jargon songs, this one’s an original, not a translation of a hit.

1865: Antedating “salt chuck” in English

The superb “Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles”, 2nd edition, tells us “salt chuck” is first known in written English in 1857…