Monthly Archive: July, 2018

Capt. John Irving’s BC Chinuk Wawa address

Linguistic archaeology, at a shallow yet navigable depth…

Polaklie Illahie

Polaklie Illahee (Land of Darkness): Identity and Genocidal Culture in Oregon.

Fictional Chinuk Wawa resulting from bad research

I know, I know…those 19th-century book titles…you’ll marvel at this one.

Another fin-de-siecle plutocrat bragging he knows Chinook Jargon

G.F. Train may have showed up and “learned Chinook in 15 minutes“, but Owen Humphreys Churchill, 1841-1916, emigrated as a ten-year-old to southwest Oregon’s Umpqua Valley with his family.

“In racy Chinook”: Grand Ronde, hops, & squaredancing

The official publication commemorating the Lewis and Clark Centennial festivities in Portland, Oregon strenuously boosts the industries of the new land…

Intertribal canoe race: A challenge in Chinook

Here’s an oddity & a curiosity.


The northwest Oregon community of Rickreall is believed to take its name from some of its earliest settlers having been of Canadian French Métis background.

Son of Lingít chief dies

Untranslated Chinuk Wawa in an Alaska newspaper, frontier-era.

Savage courtesies

Ugh. Playing Indian in Oregon.

Early 1900s onward: “Hi-Yu” (and) “Hi-Yu” clubs

Hi-yu: a neglected loan from Chinuk Wawa into Pacific Northwest English.