Wah-Wah’s 7, Go-Go’s 6, and RIP Barbara Harris

Please see Barbara Harris’ obituary at the end of this post.  Thanks.

Here’s a tiny fun Canadian hockey mystery to cool your brain on this summer day:

War of the Wah Wahs

In an item headed “Sport at the Rink“, the Nelson (BC) Miner tells of a “hot time at the hockey club meet at the skating rink”.  The program of races and exhibits of skill was capped by a hockey match between the Wah-Wah’s and the Go-Go’s.  Where did they get those names? Is Wah-Wah from Chinook?

Just in case it is, I’m happy to report the Wah-Wah’s took it 7-6.

Here’s that page of the paper:

Wah-Wah's versus Go-Go's

Final tidbit: Professor Barbara Harris of the University of Victoria, who did so much for Chinook Jargon studies, passed away recently.  This post in the memory of one of my mentors is inspired by one item that she was once given, an old glass bottle embossed with the name Waw-Waw“. It took me a while, but I eventually learned that this was not a Jargon-denominated product.  Instead, Waw-Waw was a hot sauce, and you can find countless advertisements for it in newspapers of the era that I often show in this blog.  Another little mystery solved.

Here is a more customary obituary.  I also have this from her stepdaughter, via UVic’s Linguistics Department:

Harris, Dr Barbara Pritchard.  Died April 4, 2014. Dr Harris a retired Associate Professor in Linguistics was a lover of words. This interest in language fuelled her study of linguistics, earning an MA and PhD from UVic, with interests in Chinook jargon and Canadian English. She enjoyed immensely being a lexicographer for the Gage Canadian Dictionary.  She shared her love of linguistics with many students at UVic as both a teacher and graduate supervisor.  Her enthusiasm for a good detective story meant that she even taught a third year grammar course as a detective story.  A memorial service will be held at the Interfaith Chapel, Uvic, at 10:30 on May 23 followed by a reception at the University Club.

I want to add that Barbara was in the small group that co-founded the Chinook Wawa Gathering, way back in the LISTSERV days of 1998, and was instrumental in getting us all together at Mission, BC.

RIP, tlus maika tlus mitlait, tlunas-kah maika mitlait, Barbara.

waw waw hot sauce bottles