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A further trace of Métis French “calumet”

So far, in previous posts I’ve tallied these 7 echoes of Métis French calumet ‘pipe (for smoking tobacco)’ in the Pacific Northwest:

1857: Comox people not knowing CJ?

Early days in Salish linguistics: you had your “Salt Water” Selish, your “Horse” Selish (Nisqually), your “Kwillehiut” Selish (the unrelated Quileutes!), your Yakama Snohomish Selish (the unrelated Sahaptians!), and such.

‘Cranberry’ is Salish

Lee & Frost’s “Clatsop” brief vocabulary list in “Ten Years in Oregon” (1844) is indeed Chinookan, but it’s Lower Chinookan as spoken with the White missionaries.

1911: Seattle to have a ripping skookum potlatch!

Perfetly typical for a bustling big city after frontier times, this Seattle newspaper needed to explain Chinuk Wawa words to its readers.

1893?: “The Learned Siwash” doggerel

A prolific genre was enriched by a talented painter.

About 1900: BC Chinuk Wawa shaman’s song

Here’s a rare type of song in Chinuk Wawa…

1872: M. Cowley on Chinuk Wawa in very early Spokane, WA

Irishman Michael Cowley was a very early pioneer in the area of Spokane in far eastern Washington.

1887 [1858]: “Reminiscences” of BC Métis, Chinese, + Jargon

I’ve snipped several fascinating sections of a Fraser River gold rusher’s personal narrative.

1891: To puzzle the Eastern folks

Another connection between the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and Chinuk Wawa.

Umatilla Sahaptin ‘elder’

One of the words for an ‘elder’ in the Umatilla Sahaptin-language dictionary surprised me.