1878: An addendum to “Exploring the Olympic Mountains”

A reasonably clear record of míməlust-íliʔi (‘dead.people-place’) for ‘graveyard; cemetery’ turns up in a half-translated form.

I had missed this phrase the first few times I read the book “Exploring the Olympic Mountains“.

It’s from the later frontier era, although in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington Territory, in 1878 there were still relatively few Settlers.

Memacluse points

Page 16: The Watkinson Expedition reaches Lake Quinault, Sept. 11, 1878:

“That afternoon, they passed a number of ranches where the Indians were catching salmon. They also passed a number of burial grounds on the bluff. The dead were encased in big boxes, where were covered with all kinds of tinware, pots, kettles, etc. Enough of such articles were scattered around on these Memacluse [Memaloose?] Points to stock a common sized country store.”

The bracketed [Memaloose?] is in the book.

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