What do you do when your church has no bell?

What do you do when your church has no bell?

This was the situation in a couple of Secwepemc communities of British Columbia that was reported in Kamloops Wawa #126 (March 1895), page 37 (Sugarcane Bell insert).

Their solutions are ingenious:

no bell (2)

Kanu Krik

Kopa Kanu Krik naika tlap sik tomtom. Ilo mitlait tintin kopa
At Canoe Creek I got sad. There was no bell at

Kanu Krik, kakwa naika tlap sik tomtom. Kakwa musmus iaka
Canoe Creek, which is why I got sad. It’s like a cow’s

wawa klaska tintin, pi ukuk wawa wik chako kopa musmus iaka
call, their “bell” is, but that call doesn’t come from a cow’s

labush. Iaka chako kopa musmus iaka horn: wik saia
mouth. It comes from a cow’s horn: almost

kakwa bul iaka wawa, kakwa iaka wawa: Hu .. hu … hu  
like a bull’s bellowing, here’s how it sounds: “Hu .. hu … hu”.

Naika nanich kakwa pi naika tlap shim, pi aiak naika kilapai. Naika
I saw it was like this and I got ashamed, so I hurried back [home]. My

nim Shugar Kin Tintin pi wik naika tiki nanich, pi wik naika tiki
name is Sugarcane Bell and I don’t like to see, and I don’t like

k’olan tintin kakwa Kanu Krik tintin…
to hear, a bell like the Canoe Creek bell…

Knim Lik

Kakwa Kanu Krik ukuk ilihi[.]  Ilo tintin mitlait, pi naika ilo
This village is like Canoe Creek[.] There’s no bell, and I

skukum tomtom pus naika kolan ukuk musmus iaka horn…
couldn’t bear to listen to that cow horn…

Klaska wawa klaska tiki mash ukuk musmus tintin pus
They say they want to get rid of that cow “bell” to

makuk tlus tintin, pi mamuk tlus styuil haws, kakwa
buy a decent bell, and build a nice church, so

iaka chako tanas tlus naika tomtom.
I started feeling a little better.

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