Today’s Native ad…which do you want first, chicken or eggs?

Another Secwepemc man from Sugarcane Reserve (Williams Lake, BC) placed an illustrated want ad in Kamloops Wawa #126 (March 1895), page 37.

FYI: I’m halfway guessing at this guy’s surname as being “Kelly”; sometimes there are extra challenges in figuring out names versus everyday Chinook words, in the shorthand.

His other name “Lolo” matches that of a few better-known Native men of the Interior, such as Jean-Baptiste Lolo a.k.a. St. Paul.  My understanding is that “Lolo” is an Indigenous-influenced pronunciation of the French “Laurent” (Laurence).

Naika rustir ayu komtaks wawa (2)

Naika rustir ayu komtaks wawa,
My rooster knows how to make a lot of noise,

kakwa skukum wach iaka
he’s like a great watch.

Ilip ayu
There are too many



ayu chikin
lots of chickens

mitlait kopa naika.
[here] at my place.

Naika tiki oihoi
I want to trade

naika igs pi naika chikin
my eggs and my chickens

kopa kanawi ikta[.]  Naika Maksim Kili 
for anything.  I’m Maxime Kelly[.]

Wiht naika nim Lolo 
I’m also named Lolo. 

You’ll notice another newly discovered word of Chinuk Wawa here…rustir…for those keeping score!  Previously we only knew the word that’s pronounced as likʰák at Grand Ronde.

(Igs for “eggs” is very rare in Jargon, but already known in the form egg from the same geographical region of BC via JB Good’s 1880 vocabulary, and apparently confirmed by the dissertation field work of Samuel V Johnson there in 1975.)