Native ad from Mawich Man

I’ve got more of these great Native ads for you.

Today, Mawich Man of Sugarcane Reserve speaks.

Y’know, not this Mowich Man (Billy Everett of Crescent, Clallam County, WA)…

Mowich Man WIlliam Everett

Not Ezra Meeker’s buddy Mowich Man (Muckleshoot), either…

And not this Leadfoot, er, Webfoot (get out your magnifying glass):

Mowich Man of Bend Oregon

Nah, these Mowitchmans / Mauwichman / Mowitch men (Puyallup) are the wrong ones too.

And I certainly don’t mean Mrs Mowich Man (Skokomish), the creator of this fine kalakwati

Mrs Mowich Man

Nope, I realize “Mowich Man” back in the day was kind of like “Kaden” or “Jaden” now — and my guess is that it caught on so well because people ‘thought it’ in English more than in Chinook — but I have one particular guy in mind.

This fella, from BC:

Mawich Man (2)

His want ad in the Sugarcane Bell mini-newspaper reads as follows.

Naika kilapai kopa stik pi naika lolo ayu mawich skin pi ayu
I’m back from the woods and I brought a bunch of deer skins and lots of

mawich horn, pi karibu horn, drit aias pi drit
deer antlers, and caribou antlers, really big and really

tlus ukuk horn. Naika tiki oihoi kanawi ukuk kopa kanawi
nice these horns are.  I want to trade all of this for any-

ikta, kopa kaltash pasisi pi kopa kaltash rop.
thing, for worn-out blankets or for used rope.

Naika nim Mawich Man
My name is the Deer Man.

This wouldn’t be a article if I didn’t point out a new discovery.  In this case, horn is the word you won’t find in previous publications about Chinuk Wawa.

(Karibu is new too, but I need your attention on horn for my next joke.)

You’re welcome for the word. You can trade me a small bottle of eulachon grease for this “horn” 🙂

By the way, we’ve discovered something else today: you’ll sit still for a lesson on onomastics, as long as I give it comic-book style 🙂

Hayu masi.

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