Native humour: Formerly awesome boots

Hey Chinuk Wawa learners, you can do this too.  Check out how easy it is to use Chinook Jargon for making jokes:

ankati skukum buc (3)


Ankati naika skukum tomtom kopa naika buts pi alta naika sik tomtom
I used to feel enthused about my boots, but now I’m sad.

Naika buts chako tanas pi naika lipii aias, kakwa naika tiki oihoi
My boots shrank and my feet grew, so I want to trade

naika buts kopa siapul pi buchir naif. Pus klaksta tiki makuk
my boots for a hat and a butcher’s knife.  If anyone wants to buy

naika buts, tlus aiak iaka wawa kopa naika
my boots, they should talk to me soon.

Naika Mois Shims, ankati mitlait kopa Shushwap.
I’m Moise [Moses] James, used to live at Shuswap [Lake].  

(This want ad from a Secwepemc man is found in Kamloops Wawa #126 [March 1895], page 37, i.e. issue 1 of the Sugarcane Bell)