Monthly Archive: April, 2021

1887: Willoughby on “Quinaielt” life

The first thing to say about C[harles L.] Willoughby’s [1832-1888] brief ethnography, “Indians of the Quinaielt Agency, Washington Territory” is…

A.N. Armstrong’s 1857 lexicon

One of the earliest published vocabularies of Chinuk Wawa is a frustrating mess…

1899: Retirement of police chief means a new expense

As well as advocating for a pension for a longtime police chief, the Victoria paper stressed that a new Chinuk Wawa interpreter would need to be hired to replace him.

1895: “The Siwash” (part 2 of 2)

Continuing to the end of this surprisingly interesting book…

Is “Kehloken” Chinuk Wawa?

I want to direct you to a good read over at MYNorthwest…

1861: Humitshoot’s letter to the editor

Many thanks to Leon Lyell of Australia, who sent to my attention the following frontier-era letter in Chinuk Wawa.

How to say ‘a plant’s roots’ in CW

The question has been much dug at, many a time…

Implications of ɬúsh-íliʔi

Here’s another meditation on Grand Ronde elder Victoria Howard’s traditional monster story, “Just One His Leg. Just One His Arm”.

1895: “The Siwash”: evidence against pre-contact CW + new discoveries (part 1)

Here’s a book that starts with a surprise!

1880: Barclay Sound interpretation

I’ve recently shown you how widespread the use of Chinuk Wawa was in late-1800s Vancouver Island…