“Sweet BetseyAnn Spikes” :) (part 7 of 7)

#7 is the last in our mini-series on this charming pseudonymous character.


(Image credit: Southern Oregon History, Revised)

Taken from the very fine Southern Oregon History, Revised website.

Who was Betseyannspikes? Another mystery finally solved [with his peers referring to him by a Chinuk Wawa term of respect, háyásh táyí]:

Hy-as ty-ee [i.e., big chief] Betseyannspikes John R. Hardin . . . is at home to all friends. His place embraces two and a half acres of land, and it is well cultivated and planted to fruit trees and shrubbery. He has a fine residence and is daily adding improvements to his splendid home. John is a miner in every sense of the word, and turns many an honest dollar to good use from that direction. His congeniality knows no bounds, and he continues to make new friends.

— “Notes from East Medford,” Medford Mail, March 29, 1895, page 8

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