How to say honeybee in Chinook Jargon

Happy New Year! I love getting these quick little research questions from my readers!


Someone asked me “how to say honeybee in Chinook Jargon”:

The Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa dictionary has this for ‘bee’–

  • ántʰiyeł (which originally was a Kalapuya word for ‘wasp’)

That word is first found quite early, in Father Lionnet’s word list from the 1830s.

And for the delectable product of this bug’s labor, GRCW adds–

  • ántʰiyeł məlásis
  • ántʰiyeł yaka məlásis
  • məlásis (which started life as ‘molasses’)

Another source gives “klemahun opoots“, literally ‘stab tail’, but I can’t vouch for the source of that phrase.