Chinook Jargon translator

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Hoquiam menu ca. 1908 -- needs a Chinook Jargon translator

Oh, maybe the people searching for that phrase and landing at my blog are looking for an online, computerized translator?

There’s no such thing.  A google search gave me only:

Chinook jargon in Vietnamese:

◊ danh từ

◊ (ngôn ngữ) biệt ngữ Si-núc

I can get to work on that too.  Kickstarter, here I come!

*You might need a Chinook Jargon translator for Mose D. Freeland’s hilarious Hoquiam, WA restaurant menu from 1908! See this other good blog, Richard Engeman’s “Oregon Rediviva”…and this newspaper article about the Cranbrook Hotel receiving inspiration from Freeland’s opus.  Mr. Freeland is said to have been an Englishman; you can order a print of his menu suitable for framing.