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1786: Alexander Walker on the PNW coast (part 2 of 2)

Here’s part 2 of 2 in our examination of a really neat historical document of early contact…

1786: Alexander Walker on the PNW coast (part 1 of 2)

For another early-contact account of “Nootka” (and south-central Alaska), we have a superb edition of…

Chxí ~ ‘recent past’ is tenseless!

(Don’t read this unless you want to talk fluent Jargon.)

1897: An Old-Time Salutation

Chinook spellings unique to one person are the evergreen hallmark of honestly learned Jargon!

1941: Frank Drew’s Chinuk Wawa song…a Wám-Háws-Tánis-Sháti?

Huge thanks to my reader “Joe” for pointing this one out!

1897: BS Jargon / OA Fechter

A well-received social event social event staged by the Yakima Commercial Club’s married male members for the benefit of everyone else included some laughable BS in Jargon.

1856: A Double Dose (California CPE)

Just another day at police court–with that other West Coast pidgin.

1817: Roquefeuil on the PNW coast, relying on English

I think this particular book tells us more about how some Native people spoke some English with sailors by 1817…

1853-4: “Teapot” = “skookum paper”, in 2 places 1000 km apart

One of the more impenetrable little mysteries of Chinuk Wawa may now be cleared up.

1845-1848: Neall, “A Down-Easter in the Far West”

James Neall (1820-1903) was a Maine man who lived in the Oregon Country frontier from 1845 to 1848.