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1910: Tyee Yum-te-bee memaloose

Hemene Kawan or Old Wolf (the Settler writer Lucullus V. McWhorter, I infer) used Chinuk Wawa in a good newspaper obituary that he wrote of a Yakama Nation chief.

1884 Sacramento CPE: Mackey’s Chinese hop-pickers, & talking about Black lives in pidgins

Definitely offensive now, and definitely useful data.

1896: Ditter Bros. ad

Chinuk Wawa used in yet another advertisement:

Métis grammar? (NEITHER) this (AND/(N)OR) that)

Symbolic logic was never my fortissimo 🙂

1915: Jimmy Puts It Over

A post-frontier politician is anxious over his assignment to read a written Chinuk Wawa speech in public.

1870: “Bombardment of Wrangel”

A frontier-era report on a major episode in early US-Alaskan history shows that Chinuk Wawa was already present when the Russians left.

1907: Jackson’s Cloochman

A post-frontier popular magazine with more than the usual number of female writers was among the first to oberve that “cloochman” is a slur.

1899: Red Men’s Day at the Spokane Fair

It was after “the closing of the frontier”, but Red Men’s Day at the Spokane Fair brought out the editor’s untranslated Chinuk Wawa for knowledgeable news readers’ benefit:

1899: Santa Juanita Club’s motto

San Juan Islands of Washington state, early post-frontier era: Chinuk Wawa is the new Latin.

1896: Clatawa (the horse) and friends

A horse named Clatawa [‘go’] was not all of the Chinuk Wawa at the Yakima county fair.