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Dec. 29: St. Thomas of Canterbury

Did you know there are English martyrs in the Catholic church? Advertisements

Is “BUTTE” Chinook Jargon? Proposal to change the name of Mount Rainier

Cornelius H. Hanford knew Chinuk Wawa well enough to write an operetta using it, but what will you think about his etymology of Mt. Rainier’s Indian name?

I used…English words not…understood by my interpreter

“A Reminiscence of the Indian War, 1853” by Hon. J[ames] W[illis] Nesmith (in the Portland (OR) West Shore of May 1, 1879, pages 26-27.)

A trip to the Siletz country (yep, Grand Round is involved)

In earlier days, instead of sending postcards, you might write a letter about your vacation to the hometown paper’s editor…

Krismas (nowél) (Christmas)

łúsh nowél pi miri krismas to my faithful daily readers!

24 December, the “Vigil at Christmas”

My readers know I’ve gifted them a good deal of information about “Christmas” in Chinuk Wawa…

Entwisted Tongues: Indigenous & European metaphors for ‘language’ in Chinuk Wawa

A Facebook discussion started by well-known linguist Geoffrey Nunberg the other day got me thinking…

Hop off that roost & play linguistic chicken with me

I.e. this article will be in questionable taste for some readers.

Lo’s Legends Learned (by a remarkable woman)

In the 1880’s it was still quite rare for a young woman to strike out on her own to seek fortune and fame.

‘Slave’ and a very early loan?

I’ve recently been looking into the words for ‘slave’ in Chinook Jargon…