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El Comancho’s Washington, DC newspaper column on Chinook Jargon (3 of 6)

To the list of fun research we can do once Covid-19 restrictions go away, add “find the full archives of the Washington Star“…

1893-1897: Sweet “BetseyAnnSpikes” :) (Part 4 of 7)

The muse of the Oregon coast is back…

1863 graphic design challenge: Motto of Vancouver Island Colony — “Halo Shame”!

A modest proposal…are any of my readers willing to draw the coat of arms described here?

Another etymology or 2 for qʰéẋchi?

As we so often find, a Chinookan-language “particle” is said to be the historical source of Chinuk Wawa’s qʰéẋchi ‘although, even though’.

Is DARE “cha-muck-a-muck” Californian?

Here’s a quick crowdsourcing challenge:

1896: New Year’s party at Clayoquot

Was it doggerel?

I agree with CTGR 2012, Warm House Dance is CW…

I agree with the 2012 Grand Ronde Tribes dictionary; I just have more to say 🙂

Circa 1868: Alaska frontier-era CW

A US Naval officer remembers some Chinuk Wawa from America’s then-new territory, southeast Alaska:

máłini, máłx̣wəli: etymological speculations

One of my readers asked the other day about the origin of a couple of Chinuk Wawa words for directions relating to a body of water…

Kaltash Wawa #4

Issue 4 has arrived…I couldn’t resist sharing it!