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1895: A cartoon history of agriculture, in straight BC Chinook!

There were just two issues of the mini-newspaper Shugir Kin Tintin, the ‘Bell of Sugarcane’ Indian Reserve…

1887: A Ramble in British Columbia

A book that we’ve only briefly touched on has a tiny bit more to tell about Chinuk Wawa in BC.

1870: Sluiskin on the mountain

A frontier-era expedition to the top of Mount Rainier with an Indigenous  guide had to use Chinuk Wawa as its working language.

1904, vintage 1854: An excellent Olympia anniversary greeting

Lucky us, finding a Chinuk Wawa time capsule from 1904 of a time capsule from 1854!

1914: You savvy this?

It says something that the newspaper editor threw some untranslated Chinese Pidgin English together with untranslated Chinuk Wawa…

1882: The cultus family

One of the earliest occurrences I’m aware of for this Chinuk Wawa loan into regional English.

The mixed heritage of ‘hat’ gets a Salish explanation, too

The Jargon word for ‘hat’ already has several more-or-less reasonable etymologies, so let’s muddy things even more!

“Trik” gets trickier, or, more ticklish, or, beats me :)

Another occurrence of a mysterious word has been found; is BC Salish involved?

1877, Idaho: John Emery is the victim of a pretty rough joke

You have to go back real early in Idaho history to find good Chinuk Wawa spoken there…

1911: “A pioneer judge’s memory” has poignant Jargon coda

A Pioneer Judge’s Memory includes a poignant coda in okay CJ: