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“A West Coast Christmas” anthology

“A West Coast Christmas” anthology, edited by Anne Tempelman-Kluit…

1874-1880: Merry Chinook Christmas from BC

Thanks to an amateur artist who was on the scene during British Columbia’s frontier era, we have lively pictures of scenes where Chinuk Wawa almost certainly played a part.

CW “The Night Before Xmas”

Happy Chinook Christmas!

Aiguille à peau?! Or more Chinookan-Salish?

One proposed French etymology that we can toss right out is the following flight of imagination…

Sacramento CPE: You sabee him allee same Washington

A brief quotation of Californian Chinese Pidgin English in the late-frontier era shows you more about West Coast “contact languages”…

Lionnet ‘arrow’ mystery, and Salish?

Alongside what we now consider the usual word for ‘arrow’, Father Lionnet’s 1853 Chinuk Wawa vocabulary presents a mystery…

Lower Chinookan cha: could it be Canadian French?

This could have implications for southern-dialect (early-creolized) Chinuk Wawa.

Sky Hopinka exhibit

An artist to keep your eyes on…

1893-1897: Sweet “BetseyAnnSpikes” :) (Part 3 of 7) (a Grand Ronde connection?)

To read previous installments of Betseyannspikes’s correspondence, click here.

Immediate Future tense in early creolized CW

This post is intended as a short, sweet suggestion.