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Germansen promises to be the “tyhee” creek

A common spelling of táyí (chief; main) in the 1800s shows up in an untranslated loan into British Columbia English.  Advertisements

A Quinault Salish etymology for ‘sea otter’?

Chinuk Wawa’s < elackiè > is a rare word, but it has outsized historical importance.

Chief Mason denies he has abdicated

The son of the Quinault tribal chief who negotiated their 1855 treaty with Gov. Isaac I. Stevens comes to town, and he’s not pleased.

The Cusick, WA Siwash Indians baseball team!

There was a baseball team in northeastern Washington state’s post-frontier era named the Siwash Indians.

About the Siwash (Haida Gwaii) sealers in Hawaii

From the land of Pidgin English, an absolutely fascinating interview in Chinuk Wawa…

Poetic BC family history and Chinook

The view I have of this book unfortunately doesn’t tell me the page numbers, so let’s call these “Snippet 1” and “Snippet 2”.

Lo in the calaboose; thanks a lot, Deputy Marshall Ass

Frontier-era Eastern Oregon?

Salmon-canning in British Columbia, 1890s

A woman visitor’s view of “how it’s made” on the lower Fraser River involves a bit of legitimate Chinuk Wawa, for local colour.

Ladies’ clubs named in Chinook Jargon

A turn-of-the-century convention of Washington State women’s clubs has a significant Chinuk Wawa component!

You can be the sharpest tool in the shed! Learn these new words!

Attention gearheads!