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Half and Half (Pilton 2)

Is “A.” for “Archibald“?  Advertisements

Pilton’s doggerel (1 of 2)

A classic in English forms the sourdough starter for half-Jargon doggerel…

lamatsin from Mississippi Valley French

lamatsin ‘medicine’ obviously comes to Chinuk Wawa from French la médecine…

Chuck! Chuck! Keequilly!

Also for the “fictional Chinuk Wawa” file…

The seasick & the P.O.W.

It’s a twofer today!

“Piss plant”, a Canadianism for an introduced species

I amused my daughter by pointing out the absurdity of telling Google to “translate dandelion into French” 🙂

Black and blue, Kanaka too! An Indigenous metaphor

For years I labored under the distorted impression that Hawaiians employed by the Hudsons Bay Company in the Pacific Northwest had been known as “blue boys”…

Rock stop: BC Wawa

From southern interior British Columbia, good regional Chinuk Wawa:

“Kladawah” mystery solved

Thanks to Karla Elliott for finding an online copy of this book & sharing on the Facebook Chinook Jargon group!

Valuable words, Fort Nisqually, mid-1840s

This is some of the most carefully detailed phonetic documentation of Chinook Jargon in its earler days.