The (Chinook) Marseillaise du whisky

#1 on the Kamloops country chart in the winter of 1897!  70 years before the Beatles retooled the French national anthem for pop use in “All You Need is Love“…

Don’t be fooled by the fancy title, “The Whiskey Marseillaise”.  It’s catchy.

Told in eyewitness words:

<10> Fibrwari <1897>.
10th February 1897.

     Msaika na nanich ukuk chi shanti mitlait
Do you folks see that new song that’s 

kopa ukuk pipa. “Kanawi msaika styuil tilikom.”?
in this paper, “All you praying people”?  

Aias skukum shanti ukuk shanti: klaksta tilikom
This song is a fantastic song: any people 

kolan ukuk shanti, klaska aias tiki iaka.
who hear this song love it.  

     Nsaika mamuk ukuk shanti kopa Spahomin, pi
We [ = I, Father Le Jeune] created this song at Spahomin [Douglas Lake, BC], and 

Nikola Oksim iaka kanamokst nsaika kopa Spahomin iaka
Nicola Auxime, who was with us at Spahomin, 

aiak chako komtaks ukuk shanti pi iaka hilp
learned this song right away and helped 

tilikom kopa ukuk shanti. Kimta nsaika lolo ukuk
people with this song.  Afterwards we brought this 

shanti kopa Kol Watir, pi pus nsaika kilapai kopa
song to Coldwater, and when we got back to 

Kamlups, ukuk shanti aiak kuli kopa Kamlups.
Kamloops, this song quickly made its way around Kamloops.  

Klunas alki ukuk shanti kuli kanawi kah ilihi.
I reckon this song will eventually get around the whole country.  

Msaika tlap ukuk shanti kanamokst iaka myusik
You’ll find this song with the music for it 

kopa ukuk pipa.
in this issue.  

— page 39 of KW #150 (March 1897)

     Pãdã set reyuniõ nu avõ ə la bon ide
     Pendant cette réunion nous avons eu la bonne idée 
During this [Indian] gathering we had the good idea 

d fer ə̃ shã pur no sovaj syur l tõ
de faire un chant pour nos sauvages sur le ton
of making a song for our Indians on the tune 

d la Marseies. J [SIC] shã a fe fyurər:
de la Marseillaise.  Ce chant a fait fureur: 
of the “Marseillaise” [the French national anthem].  This song was a hit: 

ils s sõ me a laprãdr avek yun ardər ĩkrwaiabl,
ils se sont mets à l’apprendre avec une ardeur incroyable,
they set to learning it with an unbelievable gusto,  

e pyui il l shãte a* dyu tet* a ki mãke* mãke*.
et puis ils le chantent […UNCLEAR; SUGGESTIONS WELCOME…].
and then they were singing it [……].

Avã lete proshĩ s shã ora fe l tur dyu
Avant l’été prochain ce chant aura fait le tour du 
By this coming summer this song will have made the rounds of 

pei. Le parol e le not d s shã s
pays.  Les paroles et les notes de ce chant se 
the country.  The words and the notes to this song 

truv a yun otr paj d s nyumero.
trouvent à une autre page de ce numéro.  
are found on another page of this issue.  


— page 38 of the same issue, and I’m guessing at a few of the words

marseillaise du whisky

<Marseillaise du whisky.>

Kanawi msaika styuil tilikom tlus alta msaika sku=
All you praying people, now you should 

kum fait: liiam iaka saliks misaika; iaka tiki mim=
do battle: the Devil is mad at you; he wants to 

lus misaika, iaka tiki paia msaika wik na mi=
kill you, he wants to burn you, haven’t 

saika chako komtaks kata ukuk kaltash wiski ma=
you learned how that darn whiskey 

muk drit klahawiam msaika, msaika kluchmin pi msaika ta=
makes you pitiful, your wives and your 

nas… gitop tilikom mamuk
kids… Wake up, people, make 

msaika tomtom, skukum, skukum, tlus msaika
your minds strong, strong, you should 

fait ukuk kaltash wiski.
fight that darn whiskey.