Chinuk man = interpreter


Chinuk Man (6)

It’s several years since I shared my find of Chinuk man, as the term for “interpreter”, with the then rather smaller Jargon community.  This is a word worth making better known, as this linguistics paper does.

It comes from the above-shown snippet of Kamloops Wawa #149 (February 1897), page 26.  The words you see are these:

<15. St Mark.> Sin Mark.
15. St. Mark.     Saint Mark.

Sin Mark iaka Sin Pitir iaka intirpritir, kakwa
Saint Mark was Saint Peter’s interpreter, like

iaka Chinuk man; kimta iaka mamuk cim iht…
his Chinook man; later he wrote a…

I always prefer being able to back up any find I make in Chinook Jargon, and usually once I notice a “new” word, I do find it somewhere else.

That’s happened here.  I’ve been listening to some audio that SV Johnson recorded in his dissertation research, and the unnamed male speaker refers to a Chinuk man having been brought along to the 19th-century treaty negotiations with local tribes.

There too, it’s made clear that an interpreter is meant. So we have confirmation.

Whew, because my avatar here at the Chinook Jargon blog is shorthand Chinuk man!