Monthly Archive: June, 2016

“I traveled to Squamish & Sechelt” part 3

(Part 1 here.)  (Part 2 here.) Today: cannon shots are fired.  Worthless white men think a Sechelt translation session is a card game, and want to join in.  We learn that the first… Continue reading

“I traveled to Squamish & Sechelt”, part 2

Herewith part 2 of a substantial and detailed travel story. (Part 1 here.) Eyes peeled!  You’re going to learn some new Jargon vocabulary. Lili iaka patl smok kanawi kah ilihi kopa British It… Continue reading

“I traveled to Squamish & Sechelt” (part 1)

Here is a travel story that’s so detailed and awesome, I want to share a whole lot of it.  Due to its length, I’ll do it in installments. So now, from Kamloops Wawa #146… Continue reading

Memoirs of Philip Henry Sheridan (buried lede: wood rats know Chinook)

General Sheridan, that is.  He of US Civil War fame. We have already encountered him (in “Talk Strange Language“) as one of what we could call the Civil War Chinuk Wawa “code talkers”.… Continue reading