“I traveled to Squamish & Sechelt” (part 1)


Here is a travel story that’s so detailed and awesome, I want to share a whole lot of it.  Due to its length, I’ll do it in installments.

So now, from Kamloops Wawa #146 (November 1896), pages 236-237, is part 1…

<Kamloops. Oct. 1st 1896.>

Naika mitlait tanas ayu wawa kopa msaika ukuk
I have quite a bit of talk for you folks this 

mun. Naika kuli kopa Skwamish ilihi pi kopa Shishil
month.  I traveled to Squamish and to Sechelt:

ilihi: ukuk naika tiki siisim kopa msaika.
that’s what I want to tell you about.  

Kopa Siptimbir <5> naika k’o kopa Skwamish ilihi.
On September 5th I arrived at Squamish.  

Chi naika k’o iawa, pi tilikom iskom naika pus
I had just gotten there when the people grabbed me to  

mamuk cim Skwamish styuil kopa pipa. Kopit ukuk
write down the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh prayers on paper.  This was all 

naika mamuk kopa Skwamish ilihi. Naika mamuk cim kopa
that I did at Squamish.  I wrote on 

Satyurdi Siptimbir <5>, pi chako wik saia sitkom
Saturday September 5th until it got to be nearly mid-

pulakli, pi wiht kopa Siptimbir <6>, pi k’o kopa
night, and again on September 6th until 

sitkom son. Iawa iaka kopit kanawi Skwamish
noon.  Then it was finished, all of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh 

styuil, pi Skwamish shanti, pi Skwamish likatikism
prayers, and the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh hymns, and the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh catechism, 

<54> pish kanawi kanamokst. Ankati kopa Mi
54 pages all together.  Back in May, 

mun, iaka kopit <41> pish; pi alta wiht iaka
there were 41 pages done; and now another 

cim <14> pish: kakwa iaka chako <54> pish.
14 pages were written: so it came to be 54 pages.  

Kopa Sondi tanas son, nsaika papa lisivik
On Sunday morning, our father the bishop 

iaka mitlait kopa Skwamish, iaka lamas, pi iaka
was at Squamish; he said mass, and he 

patlach Å kopa Skwamish tilikom.
gave communion to the Squamish people.  

Sondi kopit sitkom son, naika alta kuli kanawi
Sunday afternoon, I then ran through the whole of 

ukuk <54> pish pus nanich pus iaka drit
those 54 pages to see if 

kanawi: wiht iaka chako cim Skwamish wawa
all of it was right: the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh language was also written 

kanamokst Chinuk wawa, pus alki tilikom chako
together with Chinuk Wawa, so that people later on could 

komtaks Skwamish wawa kopa pipa. Wik saia
learn Sḵwx̱wú7mesh in writing.  It was near 

sitkom pulakli, pi iaka kopit ukuk mamuk kanawi.
midnight when all of this work was completed.  

Kopa Mondi Siptimbir <7>, kopa tanas son,
On Monday September 7th, in the morning, 

nsaika lamas. Kopit lamas, pi kopit makmak tanas
we said mass.  After mass, and after eating 

son, tilikom chako iskom nsaika lima. Alta
breakfast, the people came to shake our hands.  Then 

nsaika mash klaska. Nsaika klatwa kopa knim
we left them.  We went by canoe 

kopa Vankuvir tawn. Drit ayu smok kopa ilihi.
to Vancouver.  There was a lot of fog over the country.  

Nawitka drit patl smok kanawi kah, wik kata
It was really filled with fog everywhere; it was impossible 

nanich ikta kopa <50> fut saia. Pi Skwamish
to see anything from 50 feet away.  But the Squamish 

tilikom aias komtaks solt chok klaska lolo
people know the sea well, they carried 

kompas kopa knim, pi ukuk kompas mamuk komtaks
a compass in the canoe, and that compass let  

kopa klaska kah mitlait Vankuvir tawn. Kakwa klaska
them know where Vancouver was.  So they 

drit tlap kopa kah klaska tiki klatwa.
got straight to where they wanted to go.

To be continued!

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