Rourke Groceries ad

Short and sweet…

Basically, “My stuff is cheapest!”

Rourke ad

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Pus msaika tiki tlap tlus iktas pus
pus msáyka tíki t’łáp (t)łús(h) íkta-s pus
if you.folks want get good thing-s 

‘If you folks want to get good things to’

makmak, pi ilo aias makuk, tlus chako
mə́kʰmək, pi (h)ílu (h)ayas(h)-mákuk, (t)łus(h) cháku
eat, and/but not big-buy, IMPERATIVE come 

‘eat, but not at a high cost, come’

kopa naika haws. Naika nim:
kʰupa nayka háws. nayka ním:
to my building. my name:

‘to my store. My name is:’

< W.R. Rourke.
Kamloops. >

— from Kamloops Wawa #201 (June 1902), page [125]

Just make sure you don’t confuse him with Ed O’Rourke, whose store was up in Nicola!

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