Monthly Archive: April, 2019

Two Barks Wrecked: a skookum doggerel obituary

What do you think this dog’s name meant to its owner?

How do you say ‘too much’?

How do you say ‘too much’ — or ‘too’ anything — in Chinook Jargon?

Mrs. Jamie Boston Bar writes to the editor

An early female Indigenous-written letter in Chinuk Pipa (Chinook Writing) from British Columbia’s southern interior asks to know more about this Christian stuff…

California CPE: Chinese cyclist bumps one (or “blumps” one?)

Three things I like very well — local news reporting, Chinese-food delivery and pidgin languages — collide…

Voyageur French things that made me think of Chinuk Wawa, and think again

James Robert Anderson (1841-1930; son of Chinuk Wawa speaker and HBC official Alexander Caulfield Anderson) told of leaving Fort Alexandria, BC, as a kid in 1848, mentioning the kind of French he grew… Continue reading

Again, mixed Chinook-English in central BC’s late frontier

A Klondike gold rusher, and later a Pulitzer Prize recipient, today’s author is an attention-getter.

Another ad in Chinook Jargon, 1902! And its connection with “Klondyke”…

Notice the differences in wording between the Chinuk Pipa Chinuk Wawa & the English wording in a BC advertisement…

L’abbé Domenech as a tipoff to more “broken Chinook”

Curious how B.S. (that’s p’áłił in Chinuk Wawa) can lead to a scientific discovery…

An ad (& a joke?) in BC Chinook Jargon, 1902

Short and sweet —

Just in time for April Fools Day — a new word for ‘trick’?*

*(Sorry, but this post is NOT a joke.) Readers, help me figure out a puzzle…have we found a new Chinuk Wawa word?