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1889: Jack or Donald “Truths”, Revelstoke, BC

I’m not catching the reference in the headline, are you?

SO MANY Métis words in interior PNW languages (Part 2: Kamloops Chinuk Wawa)

A notable feature of interior British Columbia’s historically recorded Chinook Jargon is its use of words that differ from the mainstream of the language…

Native people’s voices in “Kamloops Wawa” (part 3)

A St’át’imc Salish man from the Lillooet area writes in to the Chinook newspaper…

Is “pis” also from Métis/Canadian French?

Pís ‘to urinate’ in Jargon, phonetically [pí:s] with an unaspirated “p” and a long vowel, is documented as early as Fort Vancouver times.

1915: Pioneers to Picnic

Our bulging file of Chinook Jargon invitations to pioneer-themed social events gets fatter today…

John Touin/Tuan/Twan, a BC Métis literate in Chinook Jargon

Historians Jean Barman and Mike Evans published an excellent article, “Reflections on Being and Becoming Métis in British Columbia” (The British Columbian Quarterly, 2009).

X’unei’s wonderful Lingít dictionary

X‘unei Lance Twitchell edited another really fine dictionary of the Lingít language that you can freely access from your computer…

Métis vowels & Chinuk Wawa: denasalization

I have not heard much spoken Métis French, but modern written sources give good information…

1902: A heehee time

A different BC Chinook Jargon expression for a part or a “potlatch”….

Métis “dret”, Métis “très” at Grand Ronde

Why did drét become the only word for ‘very’, but only in the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation community of Oregon?