1915: Pioneers to Picnic

Our bulging file of Chinook Jargon invitations to pioneer-themed social events gets fatter today…

Here’s quite a late “pioneer association” get-together:

pioneers to picnic


The mid-summer meeting of the Pierce County Pioneers’ association will be held at Point Defiance park next Wednesday, when the Liberty bell is to be in Tacoma.

This meeting is to be a joint assembly of all pioneers of the state.

The committee in charge of the tables for the dinner will furnish dishes, cream, sugar, coffee, and set up the tables.

There will be a few short speeches, some music and a chance to visit old friends.

Klosh mika chah-co, is-kum hy-iu muck-a-muck, pe hooe-hooe wawa.

— from the Tacoma (WA) Times of July 8, 1915, page 3, column 2

The last line is Chinuk Wawa, ɬúsh mayka cháku, ískam háyú mə́kʰmək, pi húyhuy wáwa — ‘You should come, get your hands on a lot of food, and swap words.’

Kah-ta mi-ka tum-tum?
What do you think?