1902: A heehee time

A different BC Chinook Jargon expression for a part or a “potlatch”….

Thanks to reader Alex Code for sending this find along.

heehee time

A Heehee Time. — There will be a heehee time up at Cowichan this week, when the many Indians of that district gather to show their klosh tumtum kopa mika, kopa conaway mika tillicums. This gathering, which is the latter day representation of the old-fashioned potlatch, or Indian picnic, promises to be quite a large one. Already several bands of American Indians are up there, while from Natinah all around and up the coast to Cape Mudge, all the Indians are now said to be heading towards Cowichan, in order to join in the good times. Games, horse racing and all sorts of athletic sports will be indulged in, and the festivities will probably cover several days.

— from the Victoria (BC) Daily Colonist of June 1, 1902, page 4, column 3

Heeehee time (híhi-tʰáym) is good BC Jargon for ‘a fun time’.

The Native people’s “klosh tumtum kopa mika, kopa conaway mika tillicums” = their ‘good feelings toward you, (and) toward all your friends’.

Kahta mika tumtum?
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