Monthly Archive: May, 2022

Can you find the Klondike diary of Edward Magawly Banon?

Another “crowdsourcing challenge” for you folks who read this site…

Quinault ‘free’ < CW 'wash(ed)'

Are you as fascinated as I am that Christian hymns are the key to understanding a Quinault Salish word?

Circa 1880: Jargon with the Coeur d’Alenes

I found this item online in 2005 at a link that no longer exists…

1923: Yet another version of the “Seattle Illahee” song

Not so many locals understood Chinuk Wawa in 1923, so there’s another reason why the newspaper editor left this one untranslated.

1912: Magistrate Edmonds cumtux Chinook Wawa

Not so long after the frontier era, when Chinook Jargon was still a broadly useful tool in British Columbia, many court dates relied on this language.

1951: “Klooches Sika Klattawa” song, and oral history

A Portland Jargon translation of an American folk song lived on in BC long past frontier times…

1919: W̱SÁNEĆ Chief Edward Jim letter to Canadian government, partly in CW

University of Victoria doctoral student (I’m going to say Dr.) Gordon Lyall told me some background on a bit of Chinook Jargon he’d sent my way, regarding a place called “Styess” in the… Continue reading

1915: And still another appearance of the “Seattle Illahee” folk song

Reader Darrin Brager sent over this clipping that brings us a newly discovered appearance of the “Seattle Illahee” song…

SLEMETÁS in SENĆOŦEN, and Métis at Fort Victoria

Evidence of Métis influence in the coastal area of Victoria, BC.

1914 poem: “Reminiscences of an Old-Timer — Mica Kumtux”

Charming Kootenays doggerel!