Monthly Archive: June, 2020

1909: Chinuk Wawa in support of race-mixing

Iʹm fascinated to find Chinook Jargon brought to bear in an editorial advocating what was called “race-mixing”…

Warm from wine

Here’s a fun drinking metaphor in (I ain’t sayin’ nothin’) BC Chinuk Wawa.

1902: Red Men headline

What I love about this Jargon headline:

100 bucks up front: A rule they didn’t teach you in Jargon school

Or: quantities tend to be hot topics.

1888: Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinuk Wawa! In the Kootenays!

For real? Yet another US bigwig involved with Jargon?!

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 12: Finale)

In this mini-series, we’ve made our way through a whole lot of Methodist hymns translated into Chinuk Wawa in turn-of-the-century British Columbia.

1911: Klo-mass, Ni, Ka, Klat-ta-wa

This merits a brief post —

Beyond ínatay

One of my briefer posts…

tláy-tə́mtəm, a ‘surprise’ from Salish

I know we’re not supposed to speak moistly in the time of Covid-19, but I’m so happy to discover this one, I’m spluttering 🙂

“Skookum” in the news

A good Jargon-related article just came out in a Toronto paper…