1902: Red Men headline

What I love about this Jargon headline:

It’s a whole lotta Jargon, and it’s in a unique spelling system, so I bet it reflects someone’s own spoken Chinuk Wawa.

The Settler organization known as the Improved Order of Red Men is the gift that keeps on giving us late- and post-frontier CW samples…

redmen 1

redmen 2


Copa Kanawa Tilicum Medlight Hias
Klosh — Kanawa Tilicum Hias
Klosh Tum Tum.

The Improved Order of Red Men,
including their wives, sisters, sweet-
hearts and friends, enjoyed a picnic, or
outing, Sunday, in the grove north of
the Moxee bridge. It was the annual
outing of Yakima lodge No. 24, and sur-
passed all previous good times in the
history of that organization.

The committee on arrangements, A.
Bylestine, A. Johnson and D. L. Crow-
der, deserve congratulations for the
splendid manner in which everything
was carried off. While ice cold liquids
were flowing as freely as the river upon
the banks of which the feast was spread,
nothing occurred in the way of rowdyism
to mar the pleasure of the day. A
merry-go-round was kept busy amusing
the children, and swings were working
all the time. Nagler’s Military band
furnished music for the afternoon, and
as the day was an ideal one from a pic-
nicker’s standpoint, it was a scene calcu-
lated to quicken the pulse of anyone
with a spark of enthusiasm.

In all about 150 partook of the splen-
did dinner and refreshments.
A little way above the Red Men’s
camp, another crowd from St. Joseph’s
Catholic church was feasting on the
delicacies prepared by the good sisters,
and all along the banks of the Yakima
for a distance of a mile the woods rang
with the merriment of parties out for a
day in the woods.

— from the North Yakima (WA) Herald of July 1, 1902, page 4, column 5

A quick rundown of the headline:

úkuk hayas-(t)łúsh tílixam hayu-míłayt kʰupa ílihi
‘Those fine people (who) are sitting on the ground’

Copa Kanawa Tilicum Medlight Hias Klosh — Kanawa Tilicum Hias Klosh Tum Tum.
kʰupa kʰánawi tílixam míłayt hayas-(t)łúsh — kʰánawi tílixam hayas-(t)łúsh tə́mtəm.
‘With everyone having a good time — everyone very happy.’

Which is perfectly good pioneer Chinuk Wawa.

What do you think?