1909: Chinuk Wawa in support of race-mixing

Iʹm fascinated to find Chinook Jargon brought to bear in an editorial advocating what was called “race-mixing”…The reasoning is of interest.

At the same time that he implicitly goes along with the old chestnut of “the vanishing Indian”, the writer urges his White readers to look beyond their own race to find a spourse, in order to strengthen their bloodlines.

The message is that Settlers aren’t necessarily the greatest thing to ever happen on this earth:

racemix 1

racemix 2

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Marriage between people of different colors and nationality should not be prevented. If a man and woman are attached to each other as husband and wife should be, the matter of color should not be a bar to their union. If a woman of color should marry a scapegoat of a white man and get fooled, she alone must bear the burden. Besides, it can be shown that an intermixture of races is elevating. Progeny is made better by a cross between different nations. This is the case among the inferior animals. This fact cannot be refuted. If a white girl wishes to marry a Jap [sic], let her marry him. The Almighty has placed no bar between people of different nationalities marrying; then why should we?

The Indian is fast passing away. In the United States the time was when there were more Indians than white people, and but a few fleeting years ago the Indians were more numerous in the territory, now state of Washington, than the whites. But they are fast passing to the “happy hunting grounds.” Twenty years ago the red men were numerous in and around the city of Seattle, but now but few are left to tell the tale of the once numerous Siwash [Indian]. Mika memoloos pe mitlite kopa Sahalee Tyee. [You [singular] have died and are with God.] If this is the case with the Indian as well as with other races of people, can it not be that in the course of thousands of years the races now existing will become extinct and be replaced with a superior race of people? As this is a world of progress and evolution, and its tendency is that way, certain it is that the people of the world are tending upward in the loftier elements of thought and sentiment and are obeying t[h]e mandates of Nature’s God.

— from the column “Wise and Otherwise (Uncle Ancil)” in the Seattle (WA) Republican of August 6, 1909, page 4, column 4

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