Monthly Archive: June, 2020

Quiz! Prizes!

Go to LINGOBLOG for a quiz that many of you can win prizes in!

1869: “Lecture on Manliness”, or, “civilized Chinook”

From the British Columbia frontier, we have a plenty swell document of the kind of slang English that influenced Chinuk Wawa!

Congratulations to Grand Ronde’s official Chinuk Wawa biliterates! And its immersion preschool.

One of the most successful language revitalization movements in the Pacific Northwest shows even more progress.

Another (lovely) Chinook Lord’s Prayer

We’ve seen a few versions of The Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father”) in Chinuk Wawa; today we’ll look at a 1909 one.

Also a Chinookan etymology for tunús (and ‘9’?)

…Plus new news about Chinookan diminutives and Franz Boas’s level of fluency in Chinuk Wawa.

Sacramento CPE: A California scandal

As usual, no translation is given for a newspaper quotation of West Coast Chinese Pidgin English.

1847 Sir George Simpson, “An Overland Journey round the World…1841 and 1842”

Thanks to my colleague, professor Peter Bakker, for an email pointing out an interesting book that a major fur-trade personality published while on active duty…

Purposes & dialect differences

Whether there are dialects in Chinook Jargon used to be an actively debated question…

How is YOUR name written in Chinuk Pipa?

I’m about to start giving lessons in the Chinook Jargon’s own unique alphabet, Chinuk Pipa.

1904: Remembered 1872 Lushootseed Chinuk Wawa

Thanks a bunch to devoted Chinuk Wawa student Sequoia Edwards for sharing a wonderful find!